About Us

We're the reading group at Roundwood Park School in Hertfordshire and this is our second year of formally publishing our work on line. We started last year with a Wiki and our Carnegie Shadowing site, and this year we're stepping it up!

Who are we?

At the helm is Miss Adkins, our librarian.  Known locally as the librarian with the most overdue books in the world, (oops) Miss A is an avid reader, writer and general book enthusiast.  Big fan of Neil Gaiman, Patrick Ness, Kate Atkinson, Margo Lanagan and John Green.

Hi, I'm Elle, and I am in Year 8. I read everywhere and anywhere, and my absolute favorite books are Harry Potter. I also like Patrick Ness, and I love Suzanne Collin's "The Hunger Games". Jaclyn Moriarty is amazing as well!

HI!!:) I'm Louise, and I'm also in year 8! I like to try and read a variety of books but in between my 'variety books' (that's what I call them!) I absolutely have to read a girly book! When I was younger it was Cathy Cassidy but now I'm addicted to the series Ally's World!:)

Hi, I'm Nathan and I'm in year 8! In year 6 I didn't really read anything but spy but I liked to think I read more of a variety now, I just read Un Lun Dun which was Fantasy but really clever at the same time so I really enjoyed it, but my favourite books has to be Chaos Walking!

Hello, my name's Jenna, though I'm not sure if I am her (I am joking in case you were wondering...because everyone else said they were someone.) Anyway I like most books, I prefer ones with romance in but I hate reading predictable books hundreds of authors have written about. My favorite book would probably have to be The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. But to be honest, my favorite book really depends on what mood I'm in so don't hold it against me if I say something else is my favorite book!

Hi, I'm Ben and I'm in year 8. Since I was around 6 or 7, I've always loved reading and I still do now. I used to just read spy and action books but since Year 7, I've begun to read a wider range of books. My favourite books are the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness. I still read many types of book, though which one I read depends on how I'm feeling at the time!

Hi, I'm Fiona and I am in year 8. I have always followed in my sister's footsteps of having the love to read! I am not quick like many of my friends, but I can be quite slow this is because I take in all detail of the story. Last year I took part in Carnegie, and now my favourite book was the winner. I also like 'The Knife of Never Letting Go' by Patrick Ness! I will always love reading no matter how my future turns out!

Hi, I am Izzy and I am in year 8.  I have always loved to read books and I read anything from animal stories to murder mysteries.  I have never taken part in the Carnegie and I am looking forward to reading different styles of books that I wouldn't normally read.  I am a quick reader but I do take a lot of the information in. My favorite series of books is the My story diaries.

Hello, I'm Will, a Year 8 student. I read a LOT, as in, my parents have occasionally tried to STOP me reading as much! I can read fast as well, I finished Monsters of Men in 1 day ( read throughout break, lunch and solidly (allowing time for dinner) until around 10PM). It just happens to be my favorite book EVER. Last year I never finished the shortlist but this year I want to read them all.

Hi, I'm Kirsty and I am in year 7. My friends have always known me as the 'obsessive of books' and every time you'll see me, I will either be in the library discussing books or in the classroom reading one! Books are my life, my favourite book is Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea by Michael Morpurgo. I am also really enjoying reading the Nancy Drew series.

Hi, I am Eleanor I am in year 8. I love reading it's my second favourite hobby (after swimming!). I love books especially romance, adventure, and fantasy stories. All my friends tease me as I read (or knit!) every form and lunch time. My favourite authors are Julia Golding, Michael Morpurgo, Helen Dunmore and Eva Ibbotson! I will always have my head in a book!

Heyy, I'm Jess and I'm in year 8. I really like reading as well as music, ice skating and trampolining!! My favourite genres of books are romance, adventure and period drams! My favourite authors are Jane Austen, Helen Dunmore and Eva Ibbotson!:)

Hi, I'm Lucy and I'm in Year 7. I love reading books to do with horses and ponies. My favourite series of books are the Heartland series set in America. My favourite book is THEY RODE TO VICTORY a very old book. My favourite author is Lauren Brooke, Conelia Funke and Michael Morpurgo and Jacqueline Wilson. Happy reading everyone!  :)

Hi, I am Sofie and I am in the sixth form. I love reading and eating chocolate cake. I also have the hugest crush on James Spader, I love the old Greek, Roman and Egyptian Myths. My favourite authors are Stephen King, Rick Riordan. my favourite books are, as follows- Percy Jackson etc, It, American gods.
I am also i love with the film Stargate, which James Spader stars in with Kurt Russell. Well bye.

Hi there. My name is Islay although Gracie is possibly a better name as my true name is so hard to say! i love reading(obviously) and  I love to read a whole mixture of things , so i can't state favourite authors as they change frequently.If I had to select one book , it would be the warrior cat series , which i know inside out.I love the outdoors- sometimes - and my favourite animal is the cat.

Hi, I'm Holly. My favorite authors are Rick Riordan, Jenny Nimmo, and the Grimm Brothers Fairytales. I read everyday, and I am also totally and utterly obsessed with the television masterpiece that is Doctor Who! I love listening to rock music, especially Biffy Clyro. That is all.

Hey. My names Josh-my favourite authors are Cassandra Clare, Maggie Steifvater, Jonothan Stroud and Darren Shan. My favorite books include the Amulet of Sarkamand, Shiver and the Thin Executioner. I love Rock, especially Green Day (Billie Joe is SOO awesome!). I like travelling and stuff. Bye.

Hi, I'm Adam. My favorite book I have read before Carnegie has started is The Enemy and The Dead by Charlie Higson. I have only started getting into fiction even though I have been reading for years and it is great. I cannot wait to start and may this be the first Carnegie book shadowing!

Hi, I'm Delphine. My favorite book before I started Carnegie was Scarlett by Cathy Cassidy. I have only just started getting into fiction and even reading proper books not just quick reads but the Roundwood Park librarian has inspired me to read some more!

Hi, I'm Sophie. My favorite book before I started Carnegie was James Bond 'Double or Die' by Charlie Higson. I was not always into reading in primary school but there were not many books that I liked. Doing Carnegie has got me into reading much more. I even read one of the books on holiday! Thanks.