Thursday, 31 March 2011

Testing the Reader login!

And it's working!

Welcome to the Blog!

The launch of this blog comes just before the announcement of the CILIP Carnegie Medal shortlist for 2011, news our shadowing group have been waiting for for months!

Our shadowing group is made up of enthusiastic and intelligent readers who are just waiting to get their hands on the books selected for this year. Last year we entered and won the Shadowing Site competition, and though we can't enter that one this year (boo!) we'll be searching around for as many other opportunities to get involved as we can! Our Wiki from last year was looking a little sad, so this year we're stepping it up and becoming full-on Book Bloggers. With any luck, we'll be able to make some connections with the already established communities of Book Bloggers from across the world and start making a contribution to the wonderful work they do on reviewing and spreading the word about good reads.

This'll be the place for us to introduce ourselves, post our reviews and hopefully get involved in discussions about what we're reading.